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You Are the Magic, by Jordana Borensztajn; illustrated by Paul Gorn

This beautiful collection of inspiring and empowering rhymes for children will make your heart sing. Each rhyme is a sparkling celebration of the magic and joy of childhood.

I love that these poems encourage children to practise kindness and compassion, to themselves and each other. I also love that young readers are empowered through this book to allow themselves to dream and wonder and create. It is true that, while children don't have a lot of power or control in their external world, in their own imaginations they are completely in charge and can be anything they want to be.

On days where your child might feel anxious, self-doubting or unsure, there is a poem in this book that can be selected to share with your child to help lift their spirits or gently help them to take a deep breath and bring forth their inner courage.

Large text font makes this book manageable for emerging and independent readers to read on their own or aloud to a caregiver. Mr 6 loved attempting to read these poems aloud to me, occasionally needing assistance with some of the trickier words. We enjoyed looking at the playful vibrant illustrations, which are full of warmth and exuberance. We also talked about the ways in which he can show kindness to his friends, and brainstormed the ways in which he can try to be positive and move forward on days when he is feeling worried about something.

Children really do see the world in a unique way - there is a sense of curiosity and wonder in the way they explore their surroundings, and in the way they allow themselves to dream and create. As we grow older and more self-conscious it can be difficult at times to remember that unbridled sense of freedom we once had to imagine the ways in which we could follow our dreams and achieve amazing things.

This book, then, is as much for adults as it is for children, reminding us to celebrate the small wonders and joys in our lives, and to revel in our creative selves.

I'm a massive fan of glitter and sparkles and anything shiny - so I find looking at this book immensely uplifting. (I also can't help thinking about the time Mr 4 accidentally upended a tube of glitter all over the table and floor - and we had glitter all over the house for weeks - but once I got over the initial shock/dismay - I embraced the sparkles! I mean, let's face it - we can never have too many sparkles in our life!)

Highly recommend this fun and luminous book - to share with your kids and to help you identify and celebrate the magic in your lives!

Thank you to the author for kindly sharing this book with me in exchange for an honest review.

You can find out more and order this book from

Published by Longueville Media


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