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Real Pigeons: Duck Trouble (#9); by Andrew McDonald & Ben Woods

Real Pigeons is a fabulously fun series about a worldwide network of pigeons that fight crime. The boys and I have been big fans since book one was released back in 2018.

We love that these books are fast-paced - with large text font and engaging illustrations on every page to break up the text. We also love that the stories are full of humour and mystery. The seamless combination of text and illustrations are cleverly designed to hook kids into reading.

In this latest book in the series, Real Pigeons Duck Trouble, the pigeon crew team up with human secret agents to try to combat strange mutants, an army of Zompigeons and a very pushy duck! Also, are the human secret agents hiding something...?

I love that these books are appropriate for quite a large age range. Mr 10 started reading this series when he was six and fell in love with all the characters, so when this one turned up in the mail he grabbed it eagerly. He feels like he's grown up with Rock, Tumblr, Grandpouter and all the pigeon crew.

Mr 7 has just started on this series and wants to read them in order - so will get to this one eventually! Mr 5 doesn't want to miss out so I'll read them with him too!

These books are perfect for newly independent readers, and there are plenty of jokes and puns in there that will give adult readers a chuckle too.

We'd like to thank Hardie Grant Kids for our review copy. Opinions expressed are entirely our own.

Published by Hardie Grant Kids



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