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Where’s My Dinosaur? by Ashling Kwok; illustrated by Jasmine Berry

This engaging new picture book is captivating from the very first page, when our young narrator tells us that ‘there’s something growing in Mummy’s tummy,’ someone who daddy explains will be her new playmate! Throughout the narrative, the young girl speculates who – or what – her new playmate might be. She is desperately hoping for a dinosaur – but mum’s tummy looks too small for a dinosaur to fit – so perhaps it will be a chicken or a rabbit?

As mum’s tummy grows bigger, the young girl is convinced that her playmate has to be a dinosaur. She imagines all the fun she and her new dinosaur will have together. But when she goes to visit her mum in hospital to welcome her new playmate – she learns that her playmate is, in fact, not a dinosaur at all!

Will she find a way to connect with her new sibling?

This is a beautifully told story which celebrates the imagination and creativity of a young child, and gently imparts its message of learning to embrace change. Young readers (and their adults!) will enjoy the humorous little twist at the end of the story.

I love the creative placement of text on the page to emphasise or highlight particular words or ideas. The voice of the narrator is perfectly pitched – showcasing the young child’s curiosity, rich imagination and humour. I have no doubt a young audience will relate to the voice and ideas expressed in this story.

The vibrant full-page illustrations beautifully enhance the narrative, by gently depicting the developing bond between the dinosaur-loving siblings. Scenes of family life are depicted with a tender warmth and humour. I loved that a culturally diverse family are depicted on the pages.

I read this book with Mr 7 and Mr 4, who enjoyed trying to find the dinosaurs hidden in the pages. This ensured that the reading experience was an immersive one.

We also paused to examine the gorgeous endpapers (I’m endlessly fascinated by endpapers!)

This book is perfect for young children who might be getting ready to welcome a new sibling - or for any dinosaur-loving child. The story adds humour and warmth to a subject that many young children will readily relate to, and shines a light on the special bond between siblings.

Published by Yellow Brick Books

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