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Where's Lucky? by Jacqui Halpin, illustrated by Sandra Severgnini

This beautiful picture book was read every night to Mr 3 when we had it on loan from the library and he didn't want to return it! It is of course important that we, as adults, love the picture books we are reading to our children (especially if we are reading it every single night!) - but it is even more important that our children love the books we are reading to them, because if they aren't interested in the content there's not much point reading it to them. From my point of view, a picture book gets my tick of approval if my child asks for it be read again and again AND if I also enjoy sharing the story with my child.

I love a picture book that expands vocabulary, includes various layers of meaning in the narrative, utilises elements of rhythm, rhyme or repetition which makes the text a joy to read aloud, and invites audience participation. 'Where's Lucky?' ticks all these boxes - which means I'll be buying a copy for our home library.

'Where's Lucky?' is an engaging story about orphaned joeys and the people who care for them. Children will enjoy joining in with the familiar refrain throughout the narrative, 'Where's Lucky?' as the mischievous kangaroo bounces and bounds through the pages. There is chaos and mayhem in the wildlife shelter, but also lots of fun and laughter as the rescued animals grow and heal.

Young readers will love seeing these rescued joeys being cared for and then released back into the wild. This book provides a gentle introduction to caring for animals and then letting them go, and may initiate discussion about loss, wildlife shelters, and care of wildlife.

The illustrations emanate warmth, colour and movement, and work to enhance the narrative by eliciting emotional responses from the child reader, and inviting participation as the children search for Lucky on each page.

This book was shortlisted for the 2019 Speech Pathology Australia Book of the Year.

Highly recommended for your home or school library!

Published by Little Pink Dog Books.



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