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Wednesday Weeks series, by Cristy Burne & Denis Knight

Magic meets science in this wildly entertaining and gripping series from Cristy Burne and Denis Knight.

Wednesday Weeks doesn't mean to be disruptive in class - but when you are a sorcerers apprentice and your grandfather keeps interrupting class to whisk you away to a different realm on a hair-raising quest - well, it's not surprising things get a bit chaotic in the classroom at times.

Joined by her brilliant and funny best friend Alfie and a wise-cracking talking skull named Bruce, Wednesday must find a way to rescue her grandfather and battle the dreaded goblin king.

Strap yourselves in for a rollicking ride as Wednesday and her friends take on giant pink slugs and laundry monsters, navigate wormholes and giant pinball machines, use their mathematics and science skills to solve puzzles, and work to harness and control their magic.

These books are so much fun - I loved the snappy dialogue and crackling humour, the celebration of teamwork and friendship, and the mix of magic and maths/science.

Our protagonists are smart, quirky and courageous and I have no doubt young readers will love Wednesday and her friends as much as I did (I adored Adaline the fearless fairy and Bruce the talking skull who made me laugh so many times!)

These humorous stories of adventure are perfect for your 8+ reader.

Published by Hachette Kids



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