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Two Houses, by Frieda Parks; illustrated by Mithini Wathsala

I love to support indie authors and today I'm giving a shout-out to Frieda Parks, Aussie author of the gorgeous picture book Two Houses.

This book celebrates the diversity of families, shining a light on the reality that no two families are the same.

The young narrator of this book has two homes, sometimes she stays with her mum and sometimes she stays with her dad. And there are times when she doesn't want to have to move between houses, but her mum reassures her that the most important thing is that she has two happy homes that are full of love.

This book is such a lovely gentle reminder that all families need to be celebrated for their differences and what makes them unique. Love is the bright shining thread that runs through them all.

I imagine this picture book would bring comfort to children who are adjusting to living between two houses, reassuring them that there are other kids going through the same thing, and validating their feelings.

The whimsical illustrations are full of such charm. Tender little moments between families of all shapes and sizes are lovingly depicted. The adorable bunnies and woodland scenes are reminiscent of Beatrix Potter's beautiful illustrations and carry the same timeless charm.

You can purchase Two Houses as either an e-book or a softcover book from as well as through Amazon and Barnes & Noble online.

Frieda also has a presence on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook if you want to find out more.



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