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The Nerd Herd, by Nathan Luff and Chris Kennett

Mr 6 and I loved reading this book together. Here are Mr 6's thoughts on The Nerd Herd:

"This was a good story and very funny. I liked how Baarnabus and his friends tried to work together to stop the fox stealing the chickens. It kept me interested to see what was going to happen. There were funny jokes in this book. I liked the drawings, they are cool and also made me laugh. I think if you like the Hotdog books you will like this book too."

(Max, 6)

This is a fun well-crafted graphic-style book that is perfect for emerging readers, with large text font and plenty of illustrations. The storyline is fast-paced and engaging – designed to hold the attention of younger readers and listeners.

Baaranabus the lamb, Billy the goat and Shaama the llama - three of the cutest woolly animals on the farm where they live - find that they are at the very bottom of the pecking order and are picked on by the other animals. When a cunning fox starts stealing chickens from the farm, Barny and his friends see this as the perfect opportunity not only to outsmart the fox, but to prove to the other animals that they are a force to be reckoned with.

And so the Nerd Herd gang is born! Will they manage to outsmart the clever fox and instil fear and admiration in all the other animals?

There are plenty of mishaps and laughs along the way (including with an electric fence!) as these three endearing heroes go about trying to save the day and prove that they are not merely cute fluffy animals.

More observant readers will also enjoy the subtle messages that manage to shine through in regard to teamwork and friendship. This book could also be useful as a lead-in to a conversation about bullying and being assertive. But it is all portrayed in such a fun way, with a light touch that will appeal to its intended age group.

There are also plenty of puns and hilarious asides in this book that will give adults a chuckle too.

The illustrations are fabulously funny, with lots of vibrant expression and movement, perfectly enhancing and adding to the narrative. Mr 6 loved exploring the illustrations while we read this together.

The Nerd Herd is a rollicking ride that will have you laughing aloud - and with each chapter ending on a cliff-hanger you will find it difficult not to rush through and read it all in one sitting!

We are now eagerly waiting for Book 2 in the Nerd Herd series!

Published by Scholastic Australia.



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