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The Australian Climate Change Book, Written by Polly Marsden, illustrated by Chris Nixon

Do you have kids who might be anxious or curious about climate change? Or are you looking for a book that helps explain climate change in an accessible way? Then this new book , which aims to inform and reassure kids about climate change, is the perfect choice.

Today's kids are hyper aware of global issues thanks in part to their access to social media - particularly in relation to their environment. While this is to be applauded, it can also mean that our kids are more anxious than ever, and may need reassurance and facts to help them understand the issue and put it in context.

This guide to climate change does just that - highlighting the way in which all ecosystems are connected, what climate change means, the way in which fossil fuels are impacting our environment, and ways in which experts are helping to fight climate change.

As I flicked through this book I hoped that kids would be offered some suggestions about how they could help combat climate change and make a difference in their every day lives - and I wasn't disappointed. Towards the end of the book, age-appropriate suggestions are offered - such as switching lights off, growing our own food, re-using and re-cycling. It is reassuring for our kids to know that they can actively do small things like this to help slow climate change (by lowering the amount of energy we use).

As well as being full of information and fascinating facts, this book is also beautifully packaged. The illustrations by Chris Nixon are perfectly pitched to the intended audience - with engaging use of colour and design, textures and patterns. Young kids will enjoy following the activities of the two endearing young characters pictured throughout the book

The way text is placed on the page is also creative and meaningful. Information is presented simply and clearly in a way that young kids will understand.

I have no doubt many parents, educators and carers will welcome the addition of this book in the market, which presents information in the context of our Australian environment - shining a light on the way in which our coral reefs and rainforests are being impacted.

This would make the perfect gift for young environmentalists and is an essential addition to every school or home library.

It is, after all, books like these that help plant the seeds of understanding and awareness in our kids, empowering them to understand the ways in which they can help to make a difference.

This book was gifted to us as part of the Hachette Kids/Tandem Collective Global readalong, but opinions expressed are our own.

Published by Hachette Kids



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