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Teaser Tuesday! Snippet from my YA manuscript Exposed.

Here is a teaser from my young adult manuscript Exposed! It was well received on my Instagram page so I thought I'd post it here too.

(For background, Exposed is about 16-year-old Skeeter, who starts having strange flashbacks about drowning and becomes obsessed with the need to know how her heart donor really died.

In this scene, Skeeter is meeting her heart donor's parents for the first time).

My gaze falls on a large framed photo on the side table, of a girl with long hair and porcelain skin. She's wearing a white dress and laughing at the camera.

'She's really pretty,' I say.

'We think so.' Greyson's eyes meet mine. 'Were you told much about Indiana?'

'No. Only that she was an eighteen-year-old whose heart was a match for me. I wasn't told anything about...well, they won't tell you any other details.'

'You mean about how she died,' says Greyson.

The biscuit I'm chewing on feels dry in my mouth.

'Indi drowned,' says Greyson. I feel him watching me and force my eyes to meet his. 'She was always scared of water and refused to learn how to swim. We had a swimming pool in the backyard and she never went near it. She was found floating in the pool.'

There's a buzzing sound in my head. I think about the dreams I've had of drowning since the heart transplant.

For a moment everything feels surreal, blurry at the edges, like I'm in a dream.

I put my cup down on the coffee table. Some tea splashes over the side of the cup. 'I'm sorry,' I say.

The clock above the mantelpiece ticks loudly into the room.

I hope you enjoyed this little snippet from Exposed!



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