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Take Three Girls, by Cath Crowley, Simmone Howell and Fiona Wood

I was incredibly excited when I heard that three of my favourite young adult fiction authors were collaborating to write a book together, and couldn't wait to get my hands on a copy of Take Three Girls. This is a fantastic young adult novel which showcases a diversity of characters and celebrates friendship and feminism.

Told in alternating voices, the reader is immediately absorbed in the inner worlds of three very different girls - Clem, Kate and Ady, who are drawn together to reveal the creators of a website which spreads vicious gossip and rumours about the students.

As we read, we gain an insight into each of these girls and realise that sometimes people are not what they seem on the surface.

Clem is a swim star, but is battling feelings of inadequacy. She falls hard for an older guy...but it quickly becomes clear this is not going to be a roses and rainbows romance. How will she deal with the rawness of her emotions?

Ady seems to have it all together - she's popular and confident - but yet she has an edge to her, like she's hiding some inner turmoil. Why can't she seem to feel anything for her good-looking boyfriend Rupe?

Music-obsessed Kate finds herself taking unexpected risks to pursue the music she loves, and finds herself thinking just a little bit too much about how absolutely

annoying fellow musician Oliver is.

How will these three very different girls find a way to break down each other's barriers, and end up being each others biggest support?

I found myself rushing through the pages of this book, eager to get to the startling revelation of who is behind the toxic gossip-spreading website PSST.

The authors do not shy away from tough topics and handle them with assurance and sensitivity. Teenage readers will relate to many issues these three girls are experiencing and may take comfort that others have gone through similar issues.

This novel tackles issues of online bullying, romance, friendship, and finding your identity, told in three distinct voices, all which ring with authenticity.



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