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Sunshine yellow books

I felt like I needed a splash of sunshine yellow during these cold winter months - and this stack of yellow books from our home collection makes me think of summer.

If you also feel like a burst of yellow cheer then grab a copy of one of these books!

HotDog 2: Party Time!, by Ahn Do

My kids all love this series of books about the friendly and funny sausage dog Hotdog and his two best friends Kev and Lizzie. Perfect for new readers, with lots of humour, colourful storylines with a problem (or two) to solve, and fun illustrations, these books show the importance of being kind, and working together as a team to solve problems. (Scholastic Press).

Pip: the story of Olive, by Kim Kane

A wonderfully written middle grade novel with a unique narrative voice, about navigating friendships, the feeling of being a loner, and discovering who you are. Pip mysteriously turns up in the life of quiet, pale Olive, and together she and Olive embark on a quest to find Olive's father. Written with wit and quiet humour, Pip finally teaches Olive that family is really about the people you love. (Allen & Unwin, 2008).

Hey Jack! That's Another Big Book, by Sally Rippin

What's better than a Hey Jack story - a whole big collection of Jack stories with a cheerful yellow cover of course! Hey Jack books are favourites in my household. Jack has an authentic voice and is easy for young readers to relate to. With large text font and black and white illustrations breaking up the text, these books are perfect for newly independent readers. My three-year-old also enjoys hearing these stories read aloud.

Love Notes, by Margaret Clark

Boys, friendship groups, and a mystery to solve...this is a book designed to engage middle grade readers. Will Laura Love be able to solve the mystery of who is putting love notes in everyone's school bags? I love Laura's voice as she attempts to unravel the mystery of the anonymous notes, and she even provides tips for aspiring Private Investigators! (Random House Australia, 2007).

Sixth grade Style Queen (Not!) by Sherryl Clark

This CBCA Shortlisted book is written as a verse novel, offering an insight into Dawn's reflections as she wonders why she doesn't seem to fit in with the others girls in her class, who just want to style their hair, wear lip-gloss and look at fashion magazines. On top of this her parents are arguing and she's not sure if her friend Emily secretly wants to be friends with Style Queen Melissa. A gorgeous lyrical novel about finding your own place in the world, new friendships, and broken families. (Puffin Books, 2007).

It's Not All About You Calma, by Barry Jonsberg

Calma is a character that sparkles with humour, as she navigates the return of her absent father, a crush on the gorgeous check-out guy at Crazi-Cheep, and trying to work out what secrets her mother 'the Fridge' and her best friend Vanessa are keeping. Calma may sometimes jump to conclusions and make a mess of things, but you will find yourself barracking for her the while way. This YA novel is a CBCA short-listed book. (Allen & Unwin, 2005).

Little Wing, Joanne Horniman

A beautifully written YA book about running away so you can find yourself. Emmy has run away, leaving her baby with the father, Matt. She can't seem to bond with the baby, who was an unexpected surprise. This book explores a reality not often seen in teen fiction: the fact that not all mothers are able to bond with their babies. The cast of characters are both fragile and tough. At times incredibly heartbreaking, this book illuminates the reality that all families are different. (Allen & Unwin, 2006).

Anonymity Jones, by James Roy

Some serious issues are tackled in this young adult novel: fractured families and changing friendships, and the feeling of losing control over everything in your life. Anonymity is not always the most likeable character, but despite this, you find yourself wanting things to turn out for her. As you read you will both hope and despair for her. A compelling well-written novel, you will think about the ending long after you finish this book. (Woolshed Press, 2010).



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