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Stop the Dad Jokes, by Adrian Beck & Simon Greiner

How many times have you rolled your eyes and groaned when your dad comes out with yet another dad joke? Yeah – I’m with you – there are just too many times to count! If you’ve been subjected to more than your fair share of very uncool dad jokes, then you are going to LOVE this new picture book by Adrian Beck, which illuminates the reality that no one is immune to dad jokes – not even the animal world!

When Oliver’s dad starts telling corny jokes at the zoo, Oliver just wants to run and hide. But it seems there is no escape from dad jokes, even at the zoo, with the dads of all animal species sharing jokes with their reluctant off-spring.

Told in playful flowing rhymes, this book sparkles with warmth and humour.

The bright exuberant illustrations are designed to capture the attention of a young audience and the long-suffering expressions on the faces of the various animal-offspring just add to the hilarity.

This is a fun and hilarious read which also has a heart-warming message – we come to realise that dads tell us these jokes to show they care.

This would make a perfect read aloud book, which will have its audience (adults included) in fits of giggles – especially with the unexpected twist at the end!

The best part is that you can arm yourself with these jokes as ammunition – next time your dad comes out with one of his super cheesy jokes or puns, then one-up him with one of the jokes from this book! The tables will be turned as you see your dad cringing and rolling his eyes!

Published by Penguin Australia



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