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Sass and Traz Save the Library, by Michelle Worthington; illustrated by Naomi Greaves

If you love libraries and books, then you'll love this fun action-packed adventure story.

Sass and Traz are twins who don't always agree on everything - but what they do have in common is a love of their local library. It provides a safe space and refuge for them when the outside world feels too big and noisy. The librarian, Ms Burns, always has a selection of books ready for them when they visit.

So when Ms Burns breaks the bad news that the library is going to be shut down, the twins are devastated. However - just as they think they might lose their beloved library forever, it soon becomes clear that the library itself has other plans.

Can the twins, Ms Burns, and their new fictional friends, find a way to convince the mayor not to demolish their precious library?

This book is full of action and humour as our protagonists encounter a bunch of quirky characters amongst the library stacks - including swashbuckling pirates, King Arthur's gallant knights, and even Einstein!

I love that this book celebrates libraries and the magic of story, along with the power words have to bring people together, to encourage empathy and understating, and empower readers to learn more about themselves and others.

With short fast-paced chapters, diverse character representation, and a sparkling narrative that is injected with humour and warmth, this book is perfect for readers aged 7+.

I can't wait to see what Sass and Traz get up to next!

Thank you to Daisy Lane Publishing and Books on Tour for having me along as part of your review crew!

Published by Daisy Lane Press



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