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PD McPem's Agency for Mysterious Mysteries: The Recorder Racket, by Anna Battese

Illustrations by Ruth-Mary Smith

I love kids books that celebrate inter-generational relationships, and this one does so beautifully.

In this charming and humorous junior fiction book, Penelope Delores McPem (aka PD McPem) and her puppy Scooter have a mystery to solve - her mum's old recorder (which PD has been using to play Christmas carols) has gone missing at her grandparent's house! Who could have taken it?

Luckily PD has Grandpa's old coat, hat and magnifying glass to enhance her detective skills. Granny seems to be acting a little suspiciously...could she be involved in the mysterious case of the missing recorder?

This is such a fun and endearing story that sparkles with mystery and humour. I love the warmth of the family relationships, and the celebration of imaginative play. I also love the subtle messages of recycling, and the way in which items from the past can hold precious memories.

PD is such a wonderful protagonist - young readers will readily relate to her quick humour and lively observations. And we can't overlook Scooter the dog - PD's charmingly adorable sidekick.

With its large well-spaced text and short manageable chapters, this early chapter book is perfect for your emerging reader. The black and white illustrations are just perfect - whimsical and expressive, beautifully enhancing the narrative and breaking up the text on the page.

This series is helping to fill a gap in the market for quality engaging early reader chapter books. We loved this story and look forward to reading more in the series.

Published by Yellowbrick Books



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