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My Shadow is Purple, by Scott Stuart

I'm always on the lookout for kids books that challenge gender stereotypes and empower kids to embrace their true selves, and this book does so beautifully.

The young narrator of this story tells us that mum has a pink shadow and dad has a blue shadow - but their shadow is purple. Their purple shadow likes to play with all sorts of toys, and enjoys both soccer and dance. They don't feel like they have to choose one or the other. But what will happen when the school dance seems to only have space for either blue or pink shadows? Will our young narrator find a way to show everyone that there are more than two colours our shadow can be?

This book challenges the concept that there are only two gender options. Through playful rhyming text the author shines a light on diversity, being true to yourself, respecting others, and understanding that there are many experiences across the gender spectrum.

I was especially drawn to the page in which our narrator shows us that they enjoy playing with toys that are loved by both boys and girls. My boys have grown up playing with and loving a broad range of toys - baby dolls in prams, pink unicorns, hot wheels cars and soccer balls. They know that they will always be supported for the choices they make and have the freedom to choose whatever they want.

The illustrations in this book burst with joyful colour, radiantly showing young readers the many ways in which we can be our true selves.

This heartwarming follow-up to the hugely popular My Shadow is Pink is sure to win hearts everywhere.

Thank you to Larrikin house for sharing a preview of this wonderful book with me.

Published by Larrikin House



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