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My Extraordinary Mum; by Dani Vee, illustrated by Alexandra Colombo

My Extraordinary Mum is a joyful celebration of all the ways in which mums can be free-spirited, creative, kind and adventurous!

A young girl shares stories of all the things she and her mum do together - including rescuing stray animals, dancing at the grocery store, and embarking on spontaneous road trips. There are also quiet moments too - to read and rest, to find magic in the every day. The narrative beautifully centres the child's perspective, with the child's voice consistently relatable and engaging.

The vibrant illustrations burst with colour and joy, inviting a young audience to linger over the playful detail on each page.

This story really resonated with me - when you're a mum it's easy to lose some of your own creative spark, to lose a little of the essence of who you really are. This book is an important reminder that it's okay to show our kids that mums can be fun, adventurous and spontaneous too, and that we have our own interests and identities. I love that the mum in this book has tattoos which share stories of her past adventures.

I also love that this story so beautifully and lyrically challenges stereotypical representations of mothers in children's books (I could write a thesis on this topic - in fact, I actually did! But that's another story...)

The kids and I adored this playful and empowering story of family love and adventure. The tender little moments between mother and daughter are particularly heart warming, illuminating the importance of embracing your true self (even if that means hiding away and eating chocolate cake sometimes!)

At it's heart, this book is an important reminder for all of us to celebrate our extraordinary selves.

Published by Larrikin House



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