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Moth in a Fancy Cardigan, by Charlotte Lance; art by David Booth

This delightfully quirky and heart-warming book for middlegrade readers tells the story from the unique perspectives of Gary Grey Moth, who just wants to be seen, and Florence the colourful butterfly, who longs to fade into the background. But their outward appearances mean there are certain expectations placed on them in regard to how they should behave, and how others see them.

So what happens when the two accidentally switch cardigans at school one day?

This book is a work of art - from the beautifully designed front cover, to the thoughtful lively narrative. It is such a joy to see Gary emerge from his drab greyness into the vibrant moth that has always been curled inside him. Florence is also such a delightful character, with her witty conversational voice and her GREYNBOW toothpaste-stained t-shirt. I love a character that goes against everyone's expectations of them.

The short snappy chapters, humour, conversational tone and unique perspectives will appeal to a young audience, as will the whimsical fun illustrations. I love the black white and yellow colour palette, which effectively highlights the contrast between light and dark. The illustrations weave effortlessly through the text on the pages, enhancing and adding to the narrative.

Young readers will appreciate the gentle messages of embracing your true self, and not being afraid to defy expectations and show who you really are. Themes of friendship, courage, and identity gently shine through.

We thank Tandem Collective and Berbay books for our gifted copy of this book for a readalong.

Opinions expressed are our own.

Published by Berbay Books



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