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Little Mister Gets a Sister, by Samaria Rose Lemke & Ruth-Mary Smith

Siblings are most often the people we end up being closest to - but the relationship can sometimes start out a little rocky! Little Mister Gets a Sister explores this relationship in a fun and heart-warming way.

When Little Mister meets his new baby sister he is less than enthralled. Everyone else seems to think that everything she does is so adorable - but all she seems to do is dribble and drool and make a mess with her food. No fun at all really! Big brother secretly plots to get her kicked out...but will baby sister find a way to win her brother's heart?

This story has really captured Mr 4's imagination - he's captivated by the playful rhythm of the narrative, the heart-warming and humorous storyline, and the gorgeously vibrant illustrations.

We both have a giggle when big brother has to endure an unwelcome guest floating by in the bathtub!

Reading this story aloud is truly a joy - the rollicking rhymes are so much fun. This book would make a great read-aloud choice for storytime. A young audience will adore the humour and heart in the story and in the expressive illustrations.

We have certainly enjoyed reading and rereading this one before bed!

I love that this book touches on the reality that introducing a new baby into the family is not always seamless - older siblings often need to adjust to the change in the family dynamics. But ultimately young readers will be reassured that having a younger sibling can also be a lot of fun.

This book could be useful to initiate discussion around babies, family dynamics and sibling relationships.

Thank you to the author for kindly sharing this wonderful book with us - we adore it!

Published by Larrikin House



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