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Jingle Bells, by Jacinta Froud, illustrated by Gabriella Petruso

Jingle Bells has become a firm favourite in our household, with Christmas rapidly approaching.

Eddie the high-spirited corgi has a penchant for chewing on or eating pretty much everything in what happens when he gets the family Christmas tree in his sights? Strap yourselves in for a rollicking romp as Eddie causes Christmas Eve chaos!

This fun and fast-paced picture book is full of such humour and heart. The playful flowing rhymes are truly a joy to read aloud - I love the cadence and rhythm of the narrative.

The illustrations burst with colour, charm and humour. Mr 4 was entranced by the bright colours, and Eddie's endearing face and big eyes make you feel like you'd forgive him anything!

If you're in the mood for a story full of festive fun, then make sure to grab a copy of this book, to add some sparkle to your bedtime reading selection.

Your kids (and you) will love the little twist at the end - trust me!

Published by Larrikin House



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