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Hey Jack! 10 Year Anniversary editions

We are all huge fans of the Hey Jack! series of books, so when these three new books arrived in our household they were immediately grabbed and read in one sitting!

The Hey Jack! books are perfect for your emerging reader, with large text font, engaging black and white illustrations by Stephanie Spartels, age-appropriate vocabulary and relatable storylines about every day activities.

In The Backyard Mystery, Jack is excited to find a cocoon in his backyard. Jack loves butterflies and excitedly waits for the cocoon to hatch so he can see the butterfly emerge - but what is really inside the cocoon?

In The Special Guest, it's Jack's turn to take the class toy home for the weekend. He has many fun activities planned for Mr Egg - but what happens when Mr Egg goes missing?

In The Fire Truck, Jack is determined to be independent and visit the fire station without his best friend Billie, much to Billie's disappointment. But when he gets there, Jack realises it's not so much fun without Billie by his side. Will he find a way to make things right?

Jack is such a wonderful character with a big imagination and a kind heart. These books tell stories of friendship, family, courage and adventure.

It's not always easy to find books that bridge the gap between picture books and chapter books - and these books do so beautifully. They can also be enjoyed by older and younger kids.

You can pre-order your copes of these new Hey Jack! books now!

Published by Hardie Grant



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