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Hello Every Body! by Samantha Curcio

Hello Every Body! is such a joyous celebration of the way our bodies are all unique, and encourages us to embrace our differences. Because after all - our differences are what make us who we are!

When I received this book I wasn't sure initially how my three boys would react to it - the text uses correct terminology and illuminates a diverse range of body parts. I couldn't help but wonder would they be silly while we read the book together? (They are in that phase of loving a poo and bum joke after all).

I underestimated the boys as an audience for this book though, they were thoroughly engaged by it - we pored over the playful detail in the bright coloured illustrations together and talked about the various ways we are unique - from our head to our toes!

I love that reading this book together encouraged conversation about inclusivity and diversity with my kids.

It is fun, informative and honest, and we loved it! The illustrations are so eye-catching, bright and quirky, and work perfectly with the text to celebrate our amazing differences. I so often feel that today's kids are incredibly lucky to have quality books like this one available to them.

In light of the recent devastating news coming out of the US in relation to banned abortions in multiple US states, I feel that the empowering message of this book is needed more than ever for our young people.

Your body is YOURS and YOU are in charge of it.

Highly recommend you keep a copy of this book in your home or school library to help initiate conversations about body autonomy and empowerment.

We thank Hardie Grant Kids Books for our review copy. Opinions expressed are our own.

Published by Hardie Grant Kids Books



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