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Hachette Kids Readalong: A Crocodile in the Family, by Kitty Black, illustrated by Daron Parton

The boys and I were very lucky to be gifted a copy of this fun and heart-warming book as part of the Hachette Kids Readalong.

A family of birds finds a lonesome egg and take it home with them. They are surprised and thrilled when a bright green crocodile pops out of the egg one day!

The bird family unquestioningly welcome Croccy to their family, despite him looking and behaving differently to the way they do.

The other animals constantly question why the bird family keep Croccy around: is it because he's strong? Because he's helpful? Or perhaps because he's fun to play with?

But the bird family have another more heartfelt reason for keeping Croccy around.

This is a joyful story about family and belonging and accepting others for who they are.

In many ways young children are like the bird family - unquestioningly accepting of others' differences. I love that this story is ultimately a celebration of the ways in which we are all unique.

The artful use of rhythm and repetition in the text will keep young readers engaged, as will the vibrant quirky illustrations.

My boys enjoyed this one - and the story initiated conversation about the ways in which we are all different within our own family unit. We also talked about the ways in which families are all unique (for example with some families adopting children) and the importance of celebrating and accepting diversity within families.

Thank you to Hachette Kids and Tandem Collective Global for our gifted copy of this book, we loved it!

Published by Hachette Kids Australia/NZ



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