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Get Ready, Mama! by Sharon Giltrow; illustrated by Arielle Li

It's my stop on the book campaign for this humorous and heartwarming picturebook. 'Get Ready, Mama!'

When you have young children, it can be really chaotic for parents in the mornings, just trying to get the kids ready and out the door. In this story, the author playfully reverses the parent-child roles, which my kids found delightfully hilarious! Young readers are presented with a fun and lively instructional guide on how to get their parents to rise and shine for the day.

While Mama puts her clothes on the wrong way, stops to watch TV, and spills breakfast on her top, the young narrator is gently patient, providing advice on how to manage all these delaying tactics (many of which seemed awfully familiar to me - especially the stopping to watch TV!)

The writing is fresh and fun, and the story very relatable for both carers and kids.

My kids and I had a chat about the challenges of managing the morning routine. I feel that seeing these challenges through the eyes of a child narrator in this story was an effective way of allowing my kids to understand how difficult it can be for parents and carers at times!

Additionally, this book might provide reassurance to children who experience some anxiety at school drop-off in the mornings - as the child pinkie-promises her reluctant mum that she'll see her later.

The illustrations are so lively and expressive - warmly conveying the depth of the bond between mother and daughter (I could also relate to Mama's slightly dishevelled appearance!)

This book could be useful for any caregiver who struggles to get their kids ready in the morning - and it's all presented in such a fun unique way.

I can see 'Get Ready, Mama!' being a firm favourite in busy households!

Thank you to Books on Tour for having me along on this fabulously fun book tour!

Published by EK Books



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