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Elsewhere Girls by Emily Gale & Nova Weetman

I love a good timeslip/body swap novel - and this one by acclaimed middlegrade authors Emily Gale and Nova Weetman is truly captivating!

Elsewhere Girls follows the story of Cat and Fanny, who both live in Sydney...but more than a hundred years apart. While they live in completely different times, the connection they share is their talent for swimming. But it quickly becomes clear that while Fanny is passionate about swimming, Cat is starting to feel less and less enthusiastic about the early morning training and endless commitment.

When the two girls somehow swap places while swimming at Wylie's Baths, they find themselves faced with some completely unexpected challenges in their new lives.

Cat struggles with the harsh realities of life in 1908, but also comes to understand the importance of family and to appreciate the opportunities she has in her own life. She gains a new understanding of the choices she needs to make in regards to her own future in swimming.

Likewise, Fanny's eyes are opened to the ways in which opportunities for women will change in the future - further inspiring her to continue to pursue her dreams and forge a new path for women in sport. I loved that Fanny is based on real life Australian Olympic champion Fanny Durack.

I adored the humorous moments in this book, as both girls confront various challenges - Fanny's attempts to work out mobile phones and microwaves are laugh-out-loud funny, as are Cat's attempts to navigate seemingly simple tasks like ironing and washing back in 1908!

I also loved the distinct alternating voices of both girls - both completely engaging and providing insight into the girls inner-most dreams and fears. Their strength and courage shines through the narrative.

Once you start reading this one you won't be able to put it down, especially when it becomes a race against time for the girls to try to switch back to their own times.

This is a fun, gripping and empowering read - which shines a light on the reality that girls can do anything.

Highly recommended for your 10+ reader.

Published by Text Publishing



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