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Australian Backyard Birdies, by Andy Geppert

Fun, quirky, memorable, entertaining, colourful - these are all words the kids and I came up with to describe Australian Background Birdies by Andy Geppert.

This is a field guide to Australian backyard birds with a difference. Facts about each of the featured birds in the book are combined with lots of humour. For example, did you know that budgies poop every twenty minutes? And that when chickens say 'bok bok bok' it means I love you? No - I didn't know that either. This fun 'somewhat factual' book provides lots of laughter, and some facts that certainly stick in the memory.

We are also introduced to the 'ornamental flamingo' and the 'giant inflatable swan,' - which we have all seen in or near backyard pools all around Australia!

This book is a work of art, from the illustrations through to the clear, fun and deceptively simple text. I loved the way the birds are rendered in soft colours on the page, with their expressions giving them a loveable quirkiness.

I also love that this book is appropriate for a wide age group - my three kids aged from 4 up to 9 all loved flicking through this book, seeing where the birds live around Australia, and laughing at the fun facts.

Reading this book with kids makes for an enjoyable and interactive experience. This is a book which could inspire curious kids to research further facts about some of these birds for themselves, go on a nature walk and try to spot some of the featured birds, or engage in a creative activity linked to the book - like Mr 9, who did his own drawing of his favourite bird in the book - the 'ornamental flamingo!' (see pictured).

The glossary at the back of the book adds further hilarity (mostly for the adults) - so don't forget to check it out!

The kids and I highly recommend adding this book to your own home library - it's one of those books you'll dip in and out of again and again.

We were gifted this book as part of the Backyard Birdies Readalong hosted by Tandem Collective UK/Global and Hachette Books, but opinions expressed are our own.

Published by Lothian Books/ Hachette Kids Australia



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