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A Sprinkle of Sadie, by Lana Spasevski, art by Joanie Stone

This super sweet junior fiction series will have you wanting to whip up a batch of cupcakes even if (like me) you aren't a baker!

This first book in the series includes three stories in which Sadie Le the superstar baker endeavours to throw a surprise party for her mum, bake cupcakes for a fundraising day, and welcome a new teacher to her class.

But sometimes things don't go to plan...throw in the occasional cooking disaster and some escaped chickens, and things can get a little chaotic!

Luckily Sadie is a resourceful and optimistic character, with her sparkling smile and creative solutions. I love that Sadie is so resilient - she gets disappointed when things don't go to plan, but then she also tries to find a solution. I also love her kindness and generosity. She's a really lovely empathetic role model for young readers.

Emerging readers will appreciate the large text font and creative placement of text on the page - with some words highlighted for emphasis.

The text is also broken up by Joanie Stone's delightfully expressive black and white illustrations, which shine a light on the diverse range of characters represented in the story, and add humour and warmth.

These stories beautifully celebrate friendship, connection with family, resilience, and the way in which sharing food brings community together.

Keen young bakers will also love that Sadie's recipes are included at the end of each of the three stories - so fun!

In good news you won't have to wait too long for book two in this series - which is being released in August 2022!

Published by Affirm Press



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