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You Were Made For Me, by Jenna Guillaume

You Were Made for Me is a fun and addictive story for young adults, which I devoured over the Christmas break. I loved the voice of the teen protagonist Katie - it sparkles with humour and warmth, as she navigates the unexpected - and not completely unwelcome! - predicament of waking up to a boy she and her friend Libby have inadvertently created. Not just any boy - this is a boy who looks like a long lost Hemsworth brother! And he is completely and totally devoted to Katie...

The diverse supporting cast of characters in this book are hugely likeable, and it's difficult not to become completely invested in all of them.

This is a rom com with a difference, told in a unique and authentic voice. A highlight for me was the portrayal of the friendship between Katie and Libby - with both coming to understand the give and take of true friendship.

Katie begins to understand how her obsession with romance and finding the 'perfect guy' must be balanced with seeking out authentic connections and maintaining her friendships.

This story celebrate the power of friendship, and being true to yourself.

If you love a teen romance with a twist of magical realism then you will love this book!

Published by Macmillan Australia



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