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Wandering Star by Natalie Jane Prior, illustrated Stephen Michael King.

Updated: Jan 10, 2021

This beautifully written and illustrated picture book tells a magical story about a young girl and her beloved horse, who together 'roam wild and free,' making friends, finding treasure, and fleeing scary wolves!

The dreamy flowing rhythm of the narrative is a joy to read aloud and the illustrations are a perfect accompaniment - with scenes of soft starlit skies and tranquil shades of pink, blue and purple enhancing the gentle rhythmic flow of the text.

This is a story that sparkles with magic and wonder and friendship. It illuminates the power of the imagination and the uninhibited creativity and openness that is unique to children. Young readers will linger over the detail in these exquisite illustrations and be enchanted by the story of adventure and friendship.

Animal-loving young readers will identify with the deep bond the young girl has with her horse. This book would make a beautiful gift and I can see it easily becoming a bedtime favourite for both children and their carers.

Published 2019, by Scholastic Australia



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