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Vlad’s Bad Breath, by Rory H. Mather, illustrated by Jesus Lopez

This delightfully creepy picture book is Mr 3’s new bedtime favourite – he often asks for it to be read twice in one sitting! Luckily this book is a joy to read aloud, with its playful flowing rhymes and smattering of alliteration, ensuring this is a satisfying read for adults and children alike. Young listeners will delight in the story of Vlad, whose lack of tooth brushing has led to unbearably bad breath - bad enough to scare away the undead!

Poor Vlad starts to feel a little alienated and misunderstood – but luckily his friends are on hand to help him out on his path to “fresh breath perfection!” Along the way, Vlad is also able to offer help to his friends Frank the monster and Keith the Wolf, who are afflicted with their own somewhat undesirable issues. Young readers will be satisfied that Vlad and his friends ultimately are able to help each other out – and will delight in the humorous ending – a hint that Vlad may have other afflictions that need to be addressed!

The glossy vibrant illustrations burst with colour on each page. The effective use of light and shade, with bright hues of green, blue and purple, is enchanting - and the reader is drawn into the moon-splashed landscapes.

Additionally, young Vlad and his friends are captivatingly adorable – you would not think a vampire, a monster and a wolf could be portrayed as such – but illustrator Lopez has presented these characters with big eyes and sweet faces, so that young children will feel they would like these quirky characters for a friend themselves!

This is a fun, joyful read, celebrating friendship, teamwork and personal hygiene. Your little ones will be eagerly awaiting the next instalment of Vlad’s adventures!

Published by Larrikin House.



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