• Sandy

This One is Ours, by Kate O'Donnell

This engaging story of art and activism is set against the vibrant backdrop of Paris.

Sixteen-year-old artist Sofie is an exchange student in Paris and she is on a quest to explore all the beauty and art Paris has to offer. What she didn't expect was to unearth a new understanding of the ways in which art can be utilised as a form of protest - to inform, to express anger, despair and hope. To demand change.

This is a story set against a background of climate change, bushfires, and protests; of young people wanting their government to do more to protect our planet. Of young people who are determined to make a difference.

I love the way in which the Paris setting is so evocatively portrayed - the reader gets a real sense of the sights, sounds and smells of the city as Sofie explores her environment. The initial feelings of displacement and homesickness are realistically conveyed - as is the rush of exhilaration when Sofie glimpses famous Paris landmarks.

I also enjoyed the romance - (who wouldn't want to kiss a hot boy in Paris!)

This is a compelling young adult read which shines a light on the value of courage and creativity, and which will inspire young readers to find their voice and dare to hope for change.

Published by University of Queensland Press