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Teaser Tuesday! Snippet from my YA manuscript Exposed.

I hope you enjoy this snippet from my young adult manuscript 'Exposed.'

Exposed was shortlisted for the Matilda Children's Literature Prize (HarperCollins Children's Books Australia).

(For background, Exposed is about 16-year-old Skeeter, who starts having strange flashbacks about drowning and becomes obsessed with the need to know how her heart donor really died).

Sitting down at my keyboard before bed, I run my fingers over the scratched keys, then play a few gentle chords, head down, searching for that little spark that used to light me up from the inside, the electricity speeding through my veins.

But my mind keeps wandering.

After a while I get up from the keyboard and move over to the window.

When I pull the drapes across, the filtered light is purple. I lie down on my bed and can just make out Jack Kerouac’s words ‘music is the only truth’ painted in big letters on my bedroom ceiling. Ange had painted it herself, wobbling on a ladder, a cigarette loose in her mouth, tattooed arms reaching up.

‘I guess this is how Michelangelo felt,’ she muttered, frowning at the ceiling, as if she was some great Renaissance artist. I asked her if we would get in trouble with the landlord.

We did, but it was totally worth it.

Ange is big on non-conformity. Maybe that’s where I get it from.

The other girls at school listen to boy bands and pop music, but I’ve got posters of 90’s grunge bands and Janis Joplin taped to my bedroom walls. Ange reckons I sound like Janis when I sing. Raw and gritty. I dunno. Maybe I do. But when Janis was at school the other kids thought she was a weirdo. Am I a weirdo too?

I’m the only kid at school with a heart that doesn’t belong to me.

(Image from Pinterest, by Afshan Gull.)



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