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Say Cheese! by Frances Watts, illustrated by Marjorie Crosby-Fairall

Say Cheese is another picture book that is read regularly in my household (Mr 3 chooses it as his bedtime read almost every night!)

If you take a look at this gorgeous book you will see why - the text and illustrations work together seamlessly to create a story full of fun, humour and mayhem, as photographer Maxwell Mouse - and his mice side-kicks - try to take photos of the students at Souths Furriest Public School.

This is no easy task, as the unruly animals refuse to cooperate! While the snakes just lie there, the mischievous monkeys are full of energy and refuse to stay still! What tricks will Maxwell come up with to get the animals to say cheese?

Young children will delight in the sense of rhythm and repetition throughout the text. Mr 3 loves joining in with the familiar refrain throughout, 'Say cheese!'

The illustrations are exquisite - emanating warmth, movement and texture, inciting an almost tactile response. Mr 3 is regularly reaching out his hand to touch the animals fur - they are rendered so realistically on the page. We both also love seeing the meerkats taking selfies of themselves instead of posing for the camera - even Mr 3 knows all about selfies!

A fabulous read aloud book for your home or school library.



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