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My Possum Plays the Drums by Catherine Meatheringham; illustrated by Max Hamilton.

Updated: Jan 10, 2021

Hearing possums scrabbling and thumping outside as darkness falls is a common Australian suburban experience, and this story transports us into the heart of these nocturnal escapades. The possums bang, hiss, shake and screech - creating their own orchestra as they roam their urban environment. The playful use of onomatopoeia makes this book a lot of fun to read aloud and children will no doubt enjoy joining in with the delightful cacophony of sound!

The moon-splashed illustrations, in various night-time shades of blue, beautifully depict the various antics of the possums as they thump and rattle their way through the night, rummaging in bins and tapping on rooftops. The endpapers are visually stunning, with native flora and fauna rendered in soft blue colours.

This is a book which will no doubt inspire creativity in its young readers, who may enjoy making their own musical instruments out of household items. Questions also might be raised about ways in which we can help protect our native animals and their environment.

I love picture books which invite participation - and this book does exactly that - making it a perfect choice for Storytime!

Published by Windy Hollow Books.



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