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Minecraft Diaries

Updated: Oct 5, 2020

Published by Scholastic Books Australia

Anyone else's Minecraft-crazy kids loving these books?

Admittedly I was a little dubious when my boys started bringing these Minecraft diary books home from the library, unsure what the literary quality would be like. But I actually found that they are fun and enjoyable to read, and any book series that hooks kids in and keeps them engaged and reading gets my tick of approval.

The books are visually appealing with large text font, highlighted words for extra emphasis, and basic black and white illustrations scattered throughout, perfect for reluctant readers, or readers who are daunted by pages of text. And the covers are fun and colourful and designed to catch the eye of kids browsing the bookshelves!

The storylines are engaging - with the characters often dealing with issues relatable to middle to upper primary school aged kids. Believe it or not, even Minecraft Zombies have family issues and friendship dramas! (You may find yourself feeling envious, however, of the Enderman's ability to teleport. But as Elliot the Enderman reminds us in 'Diary of a Minecraft Enderman,' according to rule #63, one must "never teleport away from a matter how awkward it gets." (p.15). I'm sure we all wish we could teleport away from a conversation at times!

There is lots of adventure and mystery in these fast-paced books, keeping young readers on the edge of their seats to see if the protagonists can solve the various problems they find themselves entangled in.

Your Minecraft loving kids will be hooked on these books - so give them a go!



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