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Macca's Christmas Crackers, written and illustrated by Matt Stanton

Updated: Jan 10, 2021

Make sure to add this delightfully festive book to your kid's Christmas book collection!

Playful rhymes make this book a joy to read aloud. The rollicking rhythm is designed to engage young readers, who will delight in joining in.

Equally engaging are the illustrations, each page exploding with colour and movement. Even the colours exude a festive vibe, with bright greens and reds adorning each page.

Your kids will love seeing how their favourite hero Macca the alpaca celebrates Christmas, as he comes to realise that the spirit of Christmas is in the thoughtfulness and care offered to friends and loved ones, rather than monetary gifts.

Do take a moment to check out the Christmas-themed detail in the endpapers, which made me think of Christmas wrapping!

There is lots of bright festive fun in this book for both kids and adults. Pop this book under the tree for the Christmas-loving little person in your life - they will love you for it!

Published by Scholastic Australia



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