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Just Peachy by Michaela Skilney, illustrated by Vikki Chiu

There is much humour and heart in this gorgeous story of a little burlesque dancing peach named Dita, whose dream is to dance on the stage. Dita practises regularly and loves to perform in front of her loved ones at home. But when she gets the opportunity to audition for a world renowned dancer, will Dita mange to wow the famous Ms Von Teese at her audition?

This beautifully written and illustrated picture book delivers the important messages of being true to yourself, and having the courage to give things a go.

This story also empowers its young audience to understand that as we go through life, we may not always come first or get noticed – but that is not to say that we are not good enough. This can be a difficult lesson to learn – not just for kids but for adults too! But we learn through Dita’s story the importance of practising self-love and acceptance, and engaging in our craft – whether it be dancing or writing or art – because we love it - not because we are trying to please others.

The narrative of this story is uplifting and joyous, and sparkles with hope. The flowing rhythm and rhyme of the text ensures this book is a lot of fun to read aloud, imparting its important messages in a playful way.

The warm expressive illustrations by Vikki Chiu are rendered in gorgeously peachy shades designed to capture the attention of young readers, and perfectly enhance this story of resilience and embracing our true selves.

Thank you so much to the author Michaela for gifting my kids and I our own copy of Just Peachy, we loved having the opportunity to read and review your book.

This vibrant and empowering book is highly recommended for your home or school library – you can visit Michaela’s website at for more information about where to purchase your own copy, or check out the link in her Instagram bio.



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