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Hachette Kids Readalong: Dugong Magic, by Deborah Kelly; illustrated by Lisa Stewart

Updated: Apr 26, 2021

The boys and I were very excited to be joining in a readalong of quality picture books, hosted by Hachette Kids Australia/New Zealand and Tandem Collective Global.

Thank you to Hachette for our gifted copies of these picture books.

Day 1 of the readalong showcased the beautiful Dugong Magic. The cover itself is stunning, with sparkly silver font and soft shades of blue.

We loved this book for its environmental message, the lyricism of the writing, the warm depiction of love between a baby dugong and her mother, and the eye-catching blue-washed illustrations.

We also enjoyed learning some facts about the mysterious dugongs at the end of the book. My boys are always interested in 'facts' and how things work, so the facts were a welcome addition - increasing the way in which this book can be utilised to enhance learning.

While this book gently guides us through the damage that humans are causing to our marine life, the story ultimately empowers and inspires young readers - gently challenging us to consider the ways in which we might be able to make a difference in better protecting our marine life.

The text and illustrations work in perfect harmony to ensure that hope ultimately shimmers through this magical story about dugongs and their environment.

Published by Hachette Kids Australia



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