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Ghost Bird, by Lisa Fuller

Reasons why Ghost Bird is one of my top reads of 2020:

The writing: this is a beautifully crafted book, with writing that is rich with meaning and beautifully vivid description. The writing will make your heart sing.

The storyline: the story shimmers with a beautiful darkness - it is gripping, mysterious, and will have you on the edge of your seat, racing to the finish to see if Stacey can find her missing twin sister in time.

Voice: the raw, candid voice of the narrator, Stacey, is a highlight of this remarkable book. At turns both sparking with humour, and aching with loss, this is a unique and compelling voice that rings with authenticity.

Family love: this is a story which explores themes of culture, identity, courage, and prejudice. But, above all, I particularly loved the fierce, unwavering love that Stacey's mother had for her girls. The love of family is a continuous thread that weaves and shimmers through the narrative, brightest of all.

Published by University of Queensland Press



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