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Four Picture Books We Loved in 2021

Poppy the Punk Turtle, by Aleesah Darlison & Mel Matthews

This fun and informative picture book shines a light on the endangered Mary River turtle. We follow Poppy's journey as she searches for a new waterhole to live in. Poppy is such a vibrant and courageous little turtle. We loved that there is an information fact about Mary River turtles on each page. The bright engaging illustrations are truly joyful.

Published by Penguin Kids Australia

Mozzies Vs Flies, by Sarah Speedie & Rebel Challenger

What is an Australian summer without backyard barbeques and the endless battle against swarms of flies and mosquitoes? In this fun rhyming story, a battle is planned between the flies and the mozzies in a small Australian town, to see who will get the rights to the upcoming School Barbeque feast. Will the two groups find a way to make sure everyone wins? We loved this book for its humour, the flowing rhyme and rhythm of the narrative, and the expressive vibrant illustrations. Who would you back in this battle: the mozzies or the flies??

Published by Larrikin House

Follow Your Feelings: Max and Worry, by Kitty Black & Jess Rose

Our Mr 7 (who also happens to be named Max) can relate to this one.

He can be consumed by worry, the anxiety sometimes manifesting in physical symptoms such as tummy aches. This book is perfect for your little worrier (or any kid - or adult! - who is experiencing strong emotions), following the story of Max who is worried about his maths class work. Max's worries are characterised in this story as an anxious meerkat character, who hovers beside Max in class, anxiously giving voice to Max's internal worries and concerns. Will Max find the courage to accept his worries while also being brave enough to ask for help? This is a gently humorous and reassuring story about learning to confront our worries and embrace resilience. The illustrations are engaging and expressive, and the quirky visual representation of Worry will appeal to young readers.

Published by Affirm Press

How To make Friends: A Bear's Guide, by Cat Rabbit

This book about making friends and being your true self is so endearing, unique and visually appealing. Bear has toy friends she loves to play with, but she would also love to make some real friends. So Bear sets about trying to befriend Koala and Lamb, by attempting to engage herself in the activities they enjoy. Will her plan work, or will she discover that being herself is the best way to make friends? The illustrations by textile designer Cat Rabbit are just adorable and will hook young readers in from the very beginning. Messages of friendship and being true to yourself are gently portrayed through the clear simple text and whimsical illustrations. This book is truly a work of art.

Published by Berbay Books



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