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Easter Hat-Astrophe, by Rory H Mather; illustrated by James Hart

The Easter bunny delivered this fun and colourful picture book to our household much to the delight of my kids - they love Easter-themed books.

The animals in this book are taking part in an Easter hat parade, and everyone is wondering - who will win first prize?

Make sure to examine the end-papers of this book with your kids before you start reading - the broken Easter eggs and banana skins littered on the ground provide a hint as to what might happen in the story!

Strap yourselves in for a rollicking ride as chaos quickly sets in - a bike riding lion starts looking a little wobbly and a banana-munching monkey sheds slippery banana skins behind him. What could possibly go wrong...?

This is an Easter hat parade with a difference, and young children will enjoy anticipating what might happen next. There will be much laughter at the various antics of the animals as they wobble, slip and slide their way through the parade.

Playful flowing rhymes ensure that this book is a lot of fun to read aloud, and the illustrations burst with colour and movement, designed to engage a young audience and keep them suitably captivated.

This book would make a great story time choice, and is definitely our new favourite Easter-themed read!

Published by Scholastic Books.



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