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Claire Malone Changes the World, by Nadia L. King & Alisa Knatko

Updated: Mar 29, 2021

I really love this unique and beautifully crafted picture book – particularly for its strong and innovative protagonist Claire, who yearns to make an impact on the world and change things for the better. But at times Clare feels overwhelmed by all the online information and news stories she is able to access on a daily basis. Will she find a way to advocate for change in a way that both empowers her and enables her to become more integrated into her community?

Claire is a protagonist I feel many of today’s young readers (and their carers!) will relate to. We are raising a generation of kids who are tech-savvy and hyper-aware of issues going on in the world around them. As parents we often wonder how can we effectively harness and balance this almost overwhelming access to information our kids have – we want them to have some awareness of issues in the broader world around them, while at the same time striving to protect their innocence and let them enjoy their childhood.

This book gently shows us how our kids can be inspired to make a difference in their immediate community (such as the local park). We are reminded that our children need to balance their access to the online world with that of time spent outdoors and with family and friends. It is our relationships with others that is truly the enriching part of life.

It is never too early to empower and inspire our children to want to advocate for change, and to stand up for what they believe in. It is books like this one that plant the seeds of awareness in our kids that they can indeed make a difference in their world. It is also a reminder that sometimes we need to step back from the onslaught of online information and look more carefully at our immediate surroundings.

When reading a picture book aloud, I particularly enjoy text that is succinct, carefully chosen, and allows the illustrations to fill the gaps. This book perfectly achieves this balance. The narrative allows the reader space to interpret what us happening without over-explaining. The illustrations are eye-catching and full of joy, the pencil-drawn style perfectly capturing the creative and imaginative world of the young child.

This is an empowering and inspiring read for both children and adults that reminds us that we can work together to make this world a better place.

Published by dixi books



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