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Bluey - The Creek

Admittedly, when I first came across this book I wasn’t sure how I was going to respond to it – I’m never convinced that books based on popular TV shows are going to be a quality read. But of course the kids and I love Bluey (who doesn’t!) so I was open to giving the book a chance.

Turns out I really like this cute board book which is easy for small hands to hold, and to flip through the sturdy pages (without tearing!) The Creek is a sweet story about the simple joys of playing outdoors in nature. When Bingo gets tired of playing at the playground and wants to go play by the creek, Bluey is uncertain and a little nervous. What will the creek be like? Will it be dangerous? What will they find to do there? The playground seems much safer and more fun.

But Bluey summons up her courage and gives it a try, and soon enough finds herself immersed in playing by the creek - making boats, skimming stones on the water, and spotting insects.

Uncertainty and fear of the unknown can be a strong emotion, but this story highlights the value in being brave and trying new things. Additionally, most young children will relate to the simple pleasure of mucking around outdoors – I know my boys can play for hours outside in nature with some dirt, sticks and water. This, of course, is the best sort of creative play.

The endless appeal of Bluey is in it's combination of humour, adventure, and dealing with realistic emotions. There is a warmth to the depiction of family life - and in the way the day-to-day issues that are important to young children are dealt with. There is plenty for adults to love about Bluey too - with some genuine laugh out loud moments as we relate to the 'challenges' of parenting that are portrayed. And now parents and children will be able to explore the adventures and fun of Bluey via the books based on this popular TV show. If the popularity of Bluey inspires more young children to pick up a book and be engaged with reading, then keep these books coming!

This book with its bright coloured illustrations, simple text, and sweet story line,

will engage its intended audience (as well as the parents!) I'm all for any book which celebrates kids being active outdoors and enjoying the natural playground that nature provides.



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