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Beyond Belief, by Dee White

Everybody should read Beyond Belief by Dee White, which shines a light on the horror experienced by Jewish children in Paris in WWII. I found it impossible to put this book down, immediately immersed in 11 year old Ruben's fight for survival as he seeks shelter in a Mosque along with other Jewish children hiding from the Nazis.

As he tries to pass himself off as a Muslim, Ruben clings to the hope that the mysterious Fox will come and rescue him so that he can reunite with his beloved family, but it quickly becomes clear to the reader this is not going to happen. Eventually Ruben is forced to flee via underground tunnels when the Nazis invade the sanctuary of the Mosque.

There are so many heart-stopping moments in this fast-paced book. Your pulse will race as Ruben and his new friends continuously attempt to evade capture.

Beyond Belief is a well-researched and beautifully written book. I had not been aware of the role that Muslim people had played in protecting people of other faiths during the war, so this was an enlightening read.

Despite the darkness of the subject matter there are moments of lightness as Ruben interacts with his new friends and hope continues to flicker through like a candle in the dark.

This book is written for a middle grade audience but can be read and appreciated from middle grade through to adult readers. Highly recommended.



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