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A Day at the Zoo, by Cassie Roberts

Illustrated by Judy Richards.

My three boys and I love A Day at the Zoo, both for the engaging storyline about being brave and trying new things, and for the fun and vivid illustrations.

Young readers will delight in following Rose and William’s day of adventure at the zoo, as they observe the zoo animals performing all sorts of tricks. But this is a zoo with a difference – we encounter a tiger on rollerskates, a zebra climbing a rope, and a bike-riding elephant! The animals implore Rose and William to join in their various antics – but will they be courageous enough to join in?

This book may prompt discussion about the importance of being brave and trying new things, even if these things seem daunting at first. The zoo animals are gently encouraging as they urge the children to join in – reminding Rose and William about the importance of practising if you want to get better at something, and that winning is not what’s important – it’s all about having the courage to try.

A Day At the Zoo gently imparts its powerful message, using playful humour to inspire and entertain its audience. The flowing rhythm of the rhyming text is captivating and perfect for reading aloud.

The star of the show are the animals, who exhibit bravery and cheerful enthusiasm. It is impossible to not want to join in their tricks yourself!

The brightly coloured illustrations are a perfect accompaniment to the text and are filled with colourful detail - encourage your young reader to try to spot the small mice on each page as they perform their own daring stunts! The illustrations emanate joy and celebrate physical activity – hopefully inspiring young readers to want to try swimming, climbing or rollerskating themselves! Any book that promotes healthy physical activity is a winner.

And finally – all of us can take away from the reading of this story the importance of, every now and then, taking time out to “relish the view!”

A Day at the Zoo is on the NSW Premier's Reading Challenge 2020 list.

Available for purchase from Book Depository, Booktopia,, Barnes & Noble and is also available as an Ebook from Amazon or Kobo Books.



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