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A Day at the Beach, by Cassie Roberts; illustrated by Judy Richards

Not only does this picture book have perfect summer vibes, with its beach setting and bright sun-drenched illustrations, but it also celebrates teamwork and kindness.

William and Rose are ready for a day at the beach, keen to make some new friends and watch them play. Along the way, they find themselves engaged in helping out their new friends when they run into obstacles. Young readers will delight in seeing how William manages to help out three crabs stranded on a boat out on the water, and how Rose helps a starfish fly a kite.

The joyful sparkling rhymes work seamlessly with the charming bright-coloured illustrations to gently impart the important message of kindness and working as a team to solve problems.

The flowing rhythm of the narrative makes this book a joy to read aloud and children will enjoy lingering over the detail in the illustrations.

This book provides a playful and engaging way for kids to understand the way in which teamwork can be fun!

A Day at the Beach is a follow up to Cassie’s first picture book, A Day at the Zoo, also illustrated by Judy Richards, which follows the adventures of Rose and William as they learn about being brave and not being afraid to give things a go.

Published by Adelaide Books



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